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Meet the Staff of Sakura Foundation

Gary M. Yamashita, Executive Director As Executive Director of Sakura Foundation, Gary oversees the mission of the nonprofit to promote Japanese heritage and culture through programs, grants and scholarships in the community. He is also CEO of Sakura Square LLC, responsible for overseeing the operations, strategic planning and leadership of the organization.  Additionally, he serves [...]

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2019 Martin Luther King, Jr. Business Award Honoree

(L to R) Richard Yoshida, Joni Sakaguchi, Tom Migaki, Clarence Low,Stacey Shigaya, Joe Ozaki, DJ Ida, Karen Murakami, Gary Yamashita. It has been 90 years since the birth of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., an activist and civil rights leader whose words and deeds continue to impact and inspire the world.  On January [...]

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Meet Sakura Foundation’s Executive Committee

Joe Ozaki, President   Joe’s most rewarding experience on the Sakura Foundation Board was being involved with the transition of Tri-State Buddhist Church Apartments, lnc. (TSBCAI) to Sakura Foundation. This involved the pay-off of TSBCAI’s 40-year HUD loan and a change in its nonprofit subsidized housing status to a public charity, i.e. Sakura Foundation, with [...]

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