Chibi no Gakkō

Chibi no Gakkō is a Japanese American (JA) Heritage School which provides first through eighth grade students the opportunity to explore the JA experience in a fun, “hands on” way. Students of the program can apply to be mentors once they reach high school age. Chibi no Gakkō is offered every two years and includes the following activities:

  • Exploring personal family and JA history
  • Cooking and tasting Japanese food
  • Participating in playing games, hearing/singing music and learning dances
  • Creating Japanese arts and crafts

Chibi no Gakkō is unique in that the JA and family history portion of the program is developed and taught by Colorado certified teachers. The JA experience during WWII continues to be omitted or glossed over in school curriculums. The staff of Chibi no Gakkō feel strongly about educating our youth regarding JA history in the U.S. and Colorado to ensure this critical piece of history is not forgotten.

In late 2020 Chibi no Gakkō approached Sakura Foundation with a proposal to be under the umbrella of the Foundation. The mission of both endeavors are in total alignment and joining forces makes both entities stronger and more impactful for the community.
The 2024 session of Chibi no Gakkō has now ended.  More details about the 2026 session will be posted in 2025!


Application due date:  TBD
2026 Session:  Dates TBD
Tuition: TBD


Payment by check can be sent to:
Sakura Foundation
1255 19th Street, Ste 103, Denver, CO 80202

Please make the check payable to
Sakura Foundation.

As the co-presenters of the Annual Denver Cherry Blossom Festival, Sakura Foundation is excited to present the milestone 50th (!!) anniversary celebration on June 22nd – June 23rd!