Sachi Ishida is a second-generation Japanese American born and raised in the Chicagoland area. Having grown up in a predominantly White, Irish-Catholic environment, Sachi’s parents were intentional about raising her and her brother in a bi-racial/cultural household where taiko practice at the Temple preceded Sunday homemade pasta dinners. Sachi found her way to Colorado to pursue a bachelor’s degree in political science at Colorado College, replacing the lake with the mountains. Her passion for values-based work and deep impact led her to a career in the nonprofit sector where she now serves as the Director of Operational Excellence at The Denver Foundation. As such, she spends her days understanding how the foundation can best serve the community through project and systems management. Post graduation, Sachi was intent on seeking out a community that would support her in exploring her Japanese American identity. Personal and professional interests collided as the Sakura Foundation became a supporting organization of The Denver Foundation, and the MGLP program presented the perfect opportunity for Sachi to learn about, and become part of, the JA community in Denver. After completing the MGLP program through the pandemic, Sachi was honored to join the Sakura Foundation’s Board of Directors.