On June 13th, the recipients of the Sakura Foundation Community Scholarship and Sakura Foundation / Tri-State/Denver Buddhist Temple Scholarships were announced at the 65th Annual Japanese American Community Graduation Program (JACGP) Virtual Banquet.  Each year JACGP honors eligible graduating high school seniors with scholarships to further their educational pursuits.

Sakura Foundation sends its support and thanks to the JACGP Committee for adapting the banquet to an online presence.  The virtual banquet was a special way to recognize the outstanding 2020 graduates in the J/JA community in lieu of the annual gathering at the Arvada Center.  The Foundation scholarships were just three of dozens of scholarships announced by JACGP.  We are so proud of the accomplishments of Danielle, Cody, Mika and all of the hardworking high school graduates and wish them all the best in their future endeavors.