Joe Ozaki, Board President since 2014, has retired from Sakura Foundation. Here are some thoughts he shared about his time on the board. 

“Being on the Sakura Foundation Board has allowed me to be part of the transition of Sakura Square, an entity created by members of the Tri-State Buddhist Temples.  I became a member of Tri-State Buddhist Church Apartments Inc (TSBCAI) in the early 1990’s.  I don’t recall any specific reason I was asked to serve on the Board, other than I attended the Tri-State Denver Buddhist Temple.  I was elected Vice President in 1997.  In those days the President found a member to fill the officer positions and the Board would approve.  Herb Inouye was the president.  Later in 2011, Board President Bob Fujimoto asked me at the “Go For Broke” golf tournament if I would consider accepting the position and I became the TSBCAI president in 2012.   During this time TSBCAI was nearing the end of the HUD loan that built the apartments and business building.  After the final loan payment in 2014, Sakura Foundation was formed as a charitable organization and owner of Sakura Square LLC, which was created to run the property.  I am grateful for CEO Gary Yamashita, who had a primary role during this period and made sure the goals were accomplished.  He has mentored Stacey Shigaya and Tim Higashide to lead Sakura Foundation and Sakura Square LLC, respectively.  I also thank Stacey and Tim for their efforts.”