I AM DENVER is a unique storytelling project whose mission is to tell the stories of Denver’s history, culture and vision. “Through an open, encouraging and collaborative process, we give voice to residents who are traditionally missing from our history. We record and archive those stories in video, audio and photo to inform, inspire and celebrate Denver’s rich culture for today and tomorrow.”  One element of the project is the production of documentaries which take a deeper dive into various segments of Denver and its residents.

The family stories of several members of the JA community are told in the I AM DENVER documentary A Thousand Paper Cranes: How Denver’s Japanese American Community Emerged from Internment.”  Sakura Foundation board member Derek Okubo, Program Director Stacey Shigaya, Linda Tahashi Rodriguez, MGLP alumna Alyssa Noguchi, Pacific Mercantile owner Jolie Noguchi and Assistant Professor of Ethnic Studies at CU Boulder Daryl Maeda provide an in depth picture of the one of the darkest times in American history and the shadows and impact it left on the JA community.

If you would like to attend a Storytelling Lab or share your story, visit IAMDENVER.  All stories matter and all stories are worth telling.